Resolve objections with confidence
and Close More sales!

You've opened the conversation. You got the meeting. You created the solution. And you created a bang-up presentation to showcase your ideas. That's a lot of work and emotional investment in the sales process so far.

No wonder sales reps dread objections!

But if you look at an objection as real interest in your solution, you can take a different position and handle objections in a manner that wins your prospect to your side.

In this brief, you'll find a process used in Adaptive Selling to determine the severity of the concern, if there are more than one, and how they are layered. You'll discover:

  • The best way to open the conversation
  • How to use communication tactics like the Cushion to assist in discovery
  • How to gather information on the prospect's main issues
  • Determine the number of issues your prospect is concerned with
  • How to determine the importance of each and every issue

Are you ready to enhance your sales process? Then download the guide, Seven Steps to Resolving Objections and take your sales game to the next level.