Insights from Today's Sales Leaders

Sales leaders today have a daunting task in these uncertain times. They have to be creative, innovative, and move faster than the speed of business to stay competitive. In addition, they must constantly research their field to stay at the top of industry trends, new developments in this new environment, and opportunities for professional development of themselves and their teams. There are different ways to approach this and every sales leader has their own take on it.

Tyson Group has assembled a series of interviews with some of the top sales leaders in the world of professional sports, entertainment, technology, and finance to share their experience, insight, and wisdom on maintaining sales and leading their teams. They have faced their share of challenges, both personal and professional, as well as a few national crises. And now they want to share their knowledge with our community to help everyone cope and perform in these changing times.

Below is a sampling of what you'll find inside:

Watch these interviews for insights from sales leaders on:

  • How they developed their leadership philosophy
  • Creating a sales culture that sustains itself
  • Developing your career path
  • Frustrations pertaining to today's sellers
  • Skills and competencies required for sales today
  • And much more

Whether you are a sales producer with aspirations of moving into a sales leadership role or an established leader looking for new ideas on tackling some of the biggest challenges facing your industry today, there’s something here for everyone. 

Join us as Lance Tyson, President and CEO of Tyson Group, explores what it takes to go against the sales odds.