Leadership Strategies to Create More powerful Sales Teams

There’s no question. These are tough times to conduct business and drive sales. 

With so many companies reducing their workforce and sales managers being told that their salespeople must work from home, business leaders are facing the challenge of managing and leading a smaller, remote workforce through some of the toughest times in modern history.

Tough times don’t last. But you still must drive revenue in these harsh conditions so that the company survives. To accomplish this, you must manage your sales talent to keep them sharp and on point. So, when this crisis ends and the economy returns, you’re ready to scale up quickly and hit the ground running.

In this webinar replay on leading sales teams to success, we will:

  • Identify 9 key skills that your salespeople will need moving through 2020 and beyond. 
  • Address how to develop the right learning, training, and coaching plan for your salespeople.
  • Integrate 3 key concepts to achieve maximum skill development.
  • Introduce a 4-step behavioral change model.
  • Present the 4 key ingredients to communicate effectively with your sales team.

If you're looking to proactively manage your sales talent during this time of economic turbulence and business uncertainty, then this video is a must.

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