Really simple process makes you a master at resolving objections

In this sales manual from Lance Tyson of Tyson Group, you'll learn how to quickly analyze and resolve any and all objections impeding your sales process, giving you the ability to move the sale forward faster and shorten your sales cycle.

In this guide, you'll discover: 

  • How to open the conversation with confidence
  • How to use specific communication techniques like the verbal cushion to assist in your discovery
  • How to get your client or buyer to map out their hot-button issues
  • How to get your client or buyer to identify their main issues
  • How to determine the importance of each and every issue
  • How to direct the client towards commitment and closing the deal

Are you ready to use the power of this simple process to remove those sales roadblocks? Then download the guide, 7 Steps to Resolving Objections and start closing more deals.