The Human Sales Factor - Practical Insights for Agile Selling Today

Like the alchemist of old, today’s professional sellers are in a unique position where they have to transform themselves into agents who are more precise, more flexible, and more agile than we’ve been in the last half century.

The business environment of today, shaped by the onslaught of digital and communication technologies, the democratization of information, social networking, and exacerbated by a worldwide pandemic, is demanding that we change up our game. 

To excel in this highly competitive, highly digitized, post-pandemic environment, high performing sellers have been shown to use multiple sales processes and sales methodologies. These agile sellers are highly aware of the prospects and customers they are addressing and use the tools and tactics required to address the situation. 

In this 30-minutes presentation delivered at the Sales 3.0 conference, Lance Tyson reviews some of the challenges presented by our new business environment and how in transforming ourselves to be these high performing, agile sellers, we must develop the human sales factor

Making the argument that humans sell to humans in both B2B and B2C environments, Lance sketches out how agile sellers are able to develop hyper awareness to review all instances of the situation at hand, evaluate what sales processes and methodologies are required, and communicate at an emotional level with their prospects and customers to move the deal forward.

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